• Plasma CNC TR408P

    Tigertec CNC Plasma TR408P is very simple to operate ang a good choice for customers. We use Thermal Dynamics power generator according to your request. We offer different power generator according to your request. The controller is an offline control system and you can choose the standard designs from the system program. The system has automatic height control function, this greatly help processing the material which is not flat.

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  • Stone working center TR510S

    TR510 stone machine center is designed for machining the stone tables in kitchen and bathroom, shaping edge, cutting, polishing and engraving. Whether marble, granite or quartz, all can do the machining.

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  • Stone engraving machine TR510

    CNC router for stone engraving and cutting. In the stone deep processing industry and decoration industry, the efficiency will be highly increased by using CNC routers. The CNC routers takes the job of cutting, engracing and polishing. We use water collecting table to ensure you have clean workshop.

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